Week 1 - History of Sociology

Week 1 - History of Sociology - History of Sociology Great...

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History of Sociology – Great Person Approach In Western Europe, a key development in science was the protestant reformation. Up until that point, the catholic church dominated. There was a union of church and state. This is around the 1500-1600s. The church supported each of the political regimes, and vice versa. The founding of America brought about the idea of separation of church and state, an argument that continues in modern times. In the 1800s, science began to flourish. 1. Auguste Comte (1838) S/F A Frenchman looked upon as the father of sociology. 2. Herbert Spencer (1850s) S/F English, heavily influenced by Darwin and his studies. Tries to apply Darwinian teachings, particularly survival of the fittest, to society. Consequently he is called a Social Darwinist. Viewed society as a biological organism. As in the animal world, certain people in the social world are fitter, more intelligent, stronger etc. that make them superior to other people. Justifies the death of lower class people. Supported by business owners and high class people. 3. Karl Marx (1850s) P/C German by birth but spent a great deal of time living around London where he observed the heinous working conditions in the factories, and came up with a political
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Week 1 - History of Sociology - History of Sociology Great...

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