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9/29/2010 1 Mass Conservation, Flow Energy ME 200 Thermodynamics I L 15 Purdue University , Dr. Tim Pourpoint – [email protected] Lecture 15 September 29 th , 2010 Flow going the “wrong” way out of a rocket motor (Purdue University, M. Zucrow Labs). Last Lecture • Ideal gas properties • Internal energy and enthalpy depend only on temperature • Cp – Cv = R • Change in internal energy h i h l ME 200 2 • Change in enthalpy
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9/29/2010 2 • Conservation of Mass • Flow Energy Today ME 200 3 Mass Flow Rate • Amount of mass flowing through a cross section per unit time (kg/s) ˆ A m V dA V V n • For most cases of practical interest – One dimensional flow i.e. properties vary in the bulk flow direction only – Velocity and density almost constant across the cross section n n A ME 200 4 av m ρ V A
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