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Special Problems for ME 200 – Fall 2011 Special Problems 19 and 20 Due Friday, October 14, 2011 SP19: Saturated liquid refrigerant 134a enters a throttling valve at 8 bar (state 1). The pressure of refrigerant at the exit of the throttling device is 1.8 bar (state 2). The refrigerant then enters a heat exchanger in which it is heated to saturated vapor at 1.8 bar (state 3). The volumetric flow rate at the exit of the heat exchanger is 500 L/min. (a) What is the temperature ( C) at the exit of the throttling valve? (b) Calculate the rate of heat transfer (kJ/min) for the refrigerant in the heat exchanger. (c) Show the entire process for the refrigerant on P-v diagram. Label the states, show property values, and indicate appropriate lines of constant temperature.
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Unformatted text preview: SP20: Air passing through a gas turbine, heat exchanger, and nozzle is shown below. Air exiting the turbine stage is heated inside a heat exchanger using another stream of air. The velocity of air exiting the heat exchanger and entering the nozzle is negligibly small. The pressures and temperatures of air at various points in the system are indicated below. , air main m , . air HEX m kg 18 9 s turbine W 10 MW , air main m (a) Calculate the mass flow rate of air (kg/s) in the main stream i.e. passing through the turbine-heat exchanger-nozzle. (b) What is the temperature (K) of air at the nozzle inlet? (c) Determine the velocity (m/s) of air at the nozzle exit....
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