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Hypothesis Test Example for Matched Pairs ( µ D = µ 1 - µ 2 ) Exercise 9.101 on page 430 in Statistics, 8th ed, by McClave and Sincich: "Can a person control certain body functions if that person is trained in a program of biofeedback exercises? An experiment is conducted to show that blood pressure levels can be consciously reduced in people trained in this program. The blood pressure measurements (in millimeters of mercury) listed in the table below represent readings before and after biofeedback training of six subjects." Do the data provide enough evidence to indicate that the mean blood pressure level decreases after training? Use α = .05. H a : The mean blood pressure decreases after training ( µ D = µ Before - µ After >0 ) H o : The mean blood pressure does not decrease after training. ( µ D = µ Before - µ After < 0) Assumptions: The differences, x D =x Before -x After , are normally distributed. Test Statistic: α = .05 RR: t > 2.015
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