2007 Rev Test 3

2007 Rev Test 3 - Review for Test 3 I At a local four-year...

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Review for Test 3 I. At a local four-year college, 43% of the student body are Freshmen. A random sample of 40 student names taken from the Dean’s Honor List showed that 15 were Freshmen. Does this indicate the population proportion of Freshmen on the Dean’s Honor List is different from 43%? Use 5% level of significance. a. State the null and alternate hypotheses. b. Is n = 40 a large enough sample to permit the use of a Z test statistic? Prove. c. Sketch the rejection region and show the critical values on the sketch. d. Compute the value of the sample test statistic and show it’s location on the sketch of part (c). e. Find the P- value for the sample test statistic. f. Give a conclusion and explain it in simple non-technical terms. II. Complete each sentence by putting an appropriate word, symbol, or number in each blank. 1. For the t distribution with 15 degrees of freedom t .05 = __________________. 2. If t has 12 degrees of freedom, then P (t < -3.055) =_______________________. 3. If you reject the null hypothesis when it is true , you make a Type error. 4. In a confidence interval for the population proportion, the confidence level represents the proportion of intervals, out of many created that contain the ___________________________________________. 5.
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2007 Rev Test 3 - Review for Test 3 I At a local four-year...

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