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1105_A1_Solutions_F11 - MACHDS Activity 1 r I Name Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: ' MACHDS Activity 1 r I - Name: Fall, 2011' T - Period: (circle yours) TH 11:00 TH 12:38 TH 2:00 Date: 92 3W H ‘ Submit all Activity 1 documents for your group tinder one paper-clip. 7 1. Three functions are defined 106qu. ‘ Function f is given by a formula, g is a discrete function given by a'table, and h is given by a parabolic graph with vertex (1,—4) , x—intercepts at (4,0) and J .. . . gaehoihtxj. (3, O), and branches that extend infinitely upward as they widen. 24 ' . xii—4 f(x)i= a) Approximate their—value(s) for which Mac) =1 . x I ' r V 7 i b) Fill ineach blank:_ f(1)= ~ 3 g(6) l=l_0_r hi?) 9 " ‘ 4'“) ... A: 2-1,: 23’? " M '-‘* <3 '3 [f(1)]2+g(6)+10h(2) :fi 3(9):“)- 5“ iamer , - [4 811+ {o + £063) i “(1)::- -—3 See firefin 7 (9’1- + to "'30 i 0) State the domain off: K =f= 0" (“ooj'l)u ('2)1) U (21+?) d) State the domain and range of h: domain: Hit“) W {3132*}. 2. After considering a table, a graph, and the algebraic restrictions associated with each functiOn formula, state its domain, and if requested, its range. I ' ' a)- f(x)=xi7 dli_‘vision;Ej-Z€rb ‘6" I -b) f(xj=\/x+4 _ _ _ Hie) Domain: ixixfie'] "6"”1)” 13+“). _ Domain: {Axe—1+} or Eli-fin”) ' I ' r ,I - a I ' Rangezigi 333°} oritofiiap) Calculator Instructions To enter a function; press Y = and author the function formula in any of the Y: locations, The function wifi remain active in your calculator untii you either clear it or deactivate it. To deactivate without—clearing, use arrow keys to get highlight ,on the = sign. Press enter. Tolmake a graph for an active function, press WiNDOW, enter desired window—size and scale (X—min, X—max, Xscl, Ymin, Ymax, Yscl). Then press graph. You can change window size as needed. To make a numerical table, press chd 'TBLSET. Basic Table - At the TBLStart prompt enter desired start value for the X’s. At the ATbi prompt and enter the desired increment for the X—values, 1 if you want X’s to change by 1, .1 if you want X's to change by one tenth, 5 if you want X’s to change by 5, and so on. The press 2cnd TABLE to view the table. Use arrow keys to scroll up and down. User-controlied inputs: Ignore the TBLStart and ATbl prompts. Skip down to the lndpnt prompt and change the setting from Auto to Ask. Press chd TABLE. (You shouid get an empty table, but if not, higllight and delete (DEL) whatever entries are there. Now you can type whatever X-Vaiues you want, and when you press ENTER you get the y~values. ...
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1105_A1_Solutions_F11 - MACHDS Activity 1 r I Name Fall...

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