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MAC1105 Activity 3 Name: ______________ ___ Fall, 2011 Period: (circle yours) TH 11:00 TH 12:30 TH 2:00 Date: _________ “Cost, Revenue, Break-Even point, Profit Region” 1. Two professors from Purdue University reported that for a typical small-sized fertilizer plant in Indiana the fixed costs were $235,487 and it cost $206.68 to produce each ton of fertilizer. a) If the company planned to sell the fertilizer at $266.67 per ton, find the cost, C , and revenue, R , equations for x tons of fertilizer. C(x) = ______________________________
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Unformatted text preview: R(x) = ______________________________ b) Calculate of the breakeven point algebraically. Show your work, and be sure to find both coordinates of this point. Then write a sentence that interprets what this point tells us. c) On the grid shown, plot the break-even point and sketch the cost and revenue equations. Label the break-even point and the y-intercepts of the cost and revenue equations as ordered pairs. Finally, shade the region satisfying the system given by ( ) ( ) y C x y R x ≥ ≤ , called the profit region ....
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