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Unformatted text preview: MAC1105 College Algebra TEXTBOOK READING & EXERCISES Fall, 2011 Text: College Algebra with Modeling & Visualization , 4th edition, Pearson Publishing ISBN# 0558663214 This is a custom edition for Santa Fe College that includes the MyMathLab Student Access Kit. Bold font problems are representative of the larger assignment, and may appear in some form on tests. SECTION READING EXERCISES 1.3 Domain & Range in Context pp. 1, 28-41 p.45 #1-9odd, 19-49odd, 53, 61-71odd, 75-89odd, 97, 99 (31,33,41,47,63,99) #1-4 (3) 1.4 pp. 47-54 #7-35odd, 39, 41,45,49,51,54,55-63odd (25,31,41,51,54,61) 1.5 When Rates of Change are Inc., Dec., or Constant When Functions are Positive, Negative, or Zero pp. 58-63, omit difference quotient, bottom p.65-66 pp.69-70 p.73 #1-15odd, 17-23odd ,[with calculator #25,27,29,43],45-67odd,85,87 (21,43,49,57,61) #1-2 (1,2) Exercise a-f (a-f) 2.1 pp.83-88, bottom p.91 to p.95 #1-11odd,15,17,21,31,55,57,59,85,87,91-94all (1,55,94) 2.2 pp.103-113 # 1,5,7,15-20,21,25,35-41 odd, 49-55odd,71,79-85odd,88-91,95,97,99,...
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1105_Homework_Rockswald_Custom_Ed_F11 - MAC1105 College...

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