Regression Procedures for TI83-TI84+ Calculators

Regression Procedures for TI83-TI84+ Calculators -...

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Regression with TI-83, 83+, and 84 Calculators To clear lists and enter (x,y) data : 1. Press Stat, Edit. When necessary, clear data from a list by highlighting the list name at the top, and then press CLEAR followed by the down-arrow key. 2. Enter the numerical values for x into L 1 , pressing ENTER after each entry. Then press the right- arrow key to move the cursor to L 2 and enter the corresponding y-values in the same manner. To obtain a linear regression equation With the x-data in L 1 and y-data in L 2 , … … From the home screen, press STAT and arrow to the CALC menu. Arrow down to either LinReg(ax+b) or LinReg(a+bx) and press ENTER. The calculator goes back to the home screen, and “LinReg” appears followed by a flashing cursor. You are being prompted to tell the calculator which lists to use for the x-data and y-data. At the flashing cursor type 2 nd 1 to indicate L 1 for the x-data, then the comma key, and finally 2 nd 2 to indicate L 2 for the y-data. When you press ENTER the calculator gives
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