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WOH 2040 Outline Fall 2011

WOH 2040 Outline Fall 2011 - ters 35& 38 Wars II he Cold...

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WOH 2 Course Each sec will be a Part 1 The Mod Please re Part 2 World W Please re Part 3 The rise Please re Part 4 “Hydroca Please re Part 5 The decl Please re Part 6 World W Please re Part 7 The end Please re * Your In informed assigned Klepper/ 040 Outline ction will occ final after P ernization o ead : Chapte ar One and ead : Chapte and decline ead : Chapte arbon Man” ead ine and rise ead: Chapt ar II and th ead: Chapte of European ead: Chapte nstructor m d of these re d chapters in /PC/1797N/E The His cupy three c Part 7 (Nove Asia I of Japan the er 31 Wars I the age of ers 33 & 34 The Colo e of Europea er 32 Oil Asia II e of China
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Unformatted text preview: ters 35 & 38 Wars II he Cold War er 36 The post n and the cr er 37 & 38 ( ay occasion eadings in c ncluding ma EDD story of th class period ember). e case of Ch anxiety 4 nial World an Hegemon 8 (part) Imperial W reation of n (part) ally post ad lass. Also atters not co he World s. Test one ina. ny World ew states dditional rea Note: Stud overed in cla in Seven e will follow ading on his dents are re ass unless o Parts Part 4(Early web page. sponsible fo otherwise in y October). You will be or all materi formed. 8 / There al in /11...
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