MAT1033 Syllabus SpringA2011

MAT1033 Syllabus SpringA2011 - INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA MAT...

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INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA MAT 1033.081 – Spring A 2011 COURSE DESCRIPTION : Intermediate Algebra includes the study of quadratic equations; rational exponents and their properties; radicals; rational expressions and equations; factoring (review); graphing linear and quadratic functions and interpreting graphs; solving systems of linear equations and inequalities; and applications. See for learning outcomes and course objectives. This course carries only elective credit and does not satisfy any part of the 6 hours of mathematics needed to meet the Gordon Rule or General Education requirements. The course does provide elective credit towards graduation. The general education requirements in Mathematics for the AA degree stipulate six hours with a grade of 'C' or better, at least three hours of which must be in Group A. Group A: MAC1105, MAC1114, MAC1140, MAC2233, MAC 2311, MAC2312, MAC 2313, MAP2302, MGF1107 Group B: MGF1106, PHI1100, STA2023 PREREQUISITE : MAT0024 or equivalent. TEXT : There are two textbook options . You should select one but not both of the following: Intermediate Algebra with Applications and Visualization by Gary Rockswold and Terry Krieger (3 rd edition) Traditional text with MyMathLab: ISBN: 0-321-56682-3 OR eBook/online option (with MML): ISBN : 978-0-321-19991-1 CALCULATOR : Students are expected to have a graphing calculator. A TI 84 (by Texas Instruments) will be used for classroom presentations. A TI83 or other graphing calculator is also acceptable. You may use your calculator on all assignments unless directed otherwise. GRADING: Quizzes/Homework 25% Tests 50% Final Exam 25% 100% GRADING SCALE : A 90-100 B+ 88-89 B 80-87 C+ 78-79 C 70-77 D+ 68-69 D 65-67 F 0-64 CLASS PARTICIPATION : Students are expected to be prepared each day, able to answer questions and present material to the rest of the class. At times, students will work in groups.
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2011 for the course MAT 1033 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '11 term at Santa Fe College.

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MAT1033 Syllabus SpringA2011 - INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA MAT...

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