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FILM PROCESSING PROCEDURES Clean each graduate, reel, tank, lid, cap, stirring rod, and thermometer to be used. Make sure the diaphragm inside the lid is completely intact and right side up. All chemicals should be drawn and temperature stabilized prior to processing. Visually inspect all chemicals for clarity and test the Fixer with Hypo-Check. Metal tanks require 8 oz. of working strength chemical for each reel in the tank. Before beginning, set the clock for the Water Pre-soak PLUS the Developer times combined. After the Developing time is through you can easily reset the clock for Stop bath & Fixer together. Pouring time is processing time. Remember that all pouring (in and out) should be done with the tank held at an angle. Agitation is a complete over and back motion. PRE-SOAK IN WATER Ilford films DO NOT recommend a pre-soak. Kodak High Speed Infrared recommends NO pre-soak. Most other films recommend a 1 min pre-soak. Remove top cap (NOT the lid) and start clock.
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