P1DESIGN - ArtPhotoIPGY1401C Design

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Art Photo I   PGY1401C           Design Purpose:       Familiarize yourself with these classic design ideas and  incorporate them into your work for more exciting images and  improved subject definition.   Make them work for your expression . Do  not think of them as tricks or gimmicks. Rule of 1/3rds It isn't always the best strategy to place  your main subject in the dead-center of your photograph.  Try moving  the primary interest to one side or the other, or nearer the top or  bottom of the frame.  What you are hoping for by doing this is an  improved eyeflow for your viewer, leading them to important areas of  the image. Framed Subject             Look for natural or man-made framing  devices such as doorways, windows, branches, blocks of shadow or  highlight areas.  Place or find subjects in these areas.  Quite often a  different angle will reveal a frame.  The frames need not be complete 
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2011 for the course PGY 1401c taught by Professor Hale during the Spring '11 term at Santa Fe College.

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P1DESIGN - ArtPhotoIPGY1401C Design

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