p1still life - 2 sense of depth and space 3 visual or...

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B/W Darkroom Photo I PGY1401C Page 1 Assignment: Still-life Due: assignment. 4 mounted prints, 11x14 mat     2 created still-life    2 found still-life Purpose: Work within the realm of  still-life  subject matter.  This is much broader than you may think initially. There are many  ways to approach subjects for still-life and no end to the choice of  subject matter. Still-life has much to do with camera angle, design,  and lighting and less to do with actual subject matter. Whether your  subject consists of expensive jewelry or rotting fruit, the critical appeal  will depend largely on your vision and presentation. You will need  more than one object. Do not think of these as portraits of non-human  objects, but as the design and relationships of several objects. Basic criteria for this assignment; 1) multiple objects in a design that moves the eye
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Unformatted text preview: 2) sense of depth and space 3) visual or symbolic relationship between items Created still-life 1) Make a print about tools, any kind (kitchen, fishing, mechanical, gardening, etc). 2)Make a print based on play objects (cards, dice, sports, dolls, etc). Found still-life 3)Make a print about man-made, abandoned objects. Show enough of the environment in this print to capture the abandoned idea. 4)Make a print based on natural objects, not man-made. Page 2 Look around your home, in alleys behind buildings, in dumpsters, in dresser drawers, on shelves, in flea markets and junkyards. Take a walk on the prairie or look in your own yard. Consider the importance of the environment in which you find them. Try to keep it simple. Too many items can create designs that compete for attention....
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p1still life - 2 sense of depth and space 3 visual or...

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