p9dale lyrical - It is very important to not allow...

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Digital Photography II PGY 2802C Assignment I Lyrical Due: 5 optimized and manipulated images Categories (no more than two in the following, you may eliminate a category) -Landscape -Still-life -Portrait -Self Portrait -Figurative Concept Concentrating on the categories listed, you will visually interpret text from a poem or song. Keep your selection concise and to the point. You may choose a word or an entire phrase. Enter the text into the image by adding a text layer using the "text" tool in Photoshop. Use careful consideration in the composition, use of light and dark areas, and placement of positive and negative spaces. The final image should be dynamic and expressive.
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Unformatted text preview: It is very important to not allow Photoshop techniques to overwhelm the image making process. Photoshop techniques should be used to enhance your photograph, not dominate it. Inspiration/Historical usage These artists have infused text/image and the power of language and our perception of it in their art. Usage ranges from satirical, literal, metaphorical, etc. Duane Michals Bruce Nauman Jan Saudek Kiki Smith Barbara Kruger Lesley Dill Lorna Simpson Lawrence Weiner John Balderssari John Waters Ed Ruscha Aleksandr Rodchenko Richard Prince Note: These artists utilize many mediums, not just photography. .....
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p9dale lyrical - It is very important to not allow...

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