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p9dale thematic - should be an apparent narrative It is...

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Digital Photography II PGY 2802C Assignment 3 Thematic Sequence Due: 5 optimized and manipulated images, mounted and over-matted Themes Person Desire Past Place Fear Present Thing Wrath Future *Choose one fromthe first column, one fromthe second column, and one fromthe last column. Once you have chosen, you MUST follow thorough with your choice* Concept After selecting a theme from above, you may use the text, collage, and any camera technique to create a series of 5 images. The images must relate to one another. They do not necessarily need to be sequential, but there
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Unformatted text preview: should be an apparent narrative. It is helpful to write your ideas down first, before you begin making photographs. Or, you may discover among your image files an image that you will want to pursue in this series. Inspiration/Historical usage . Eugene Richards Emmit Gowin Mike and Doug Starn Sally Mann Walker Evans Robert Frank Sebastio Selgado Andres Serrano W. Eugene Smith F Holland Day Duane Michals Note: These artists utilize many mediums, not just photography. .....
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