p2dale assign 2 - matter is open. Be creative! Modify your...

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Black and White Photography II PGY 2804C Assignment 2 Holga Due: 5 11x 14 Black and White prints, toned and split filter printed Concept No focus? No meter? No shutter speed? No f/stop? You will unlearn everything you know about photography and become a better photographer in the process. You will shoot a test roll of film and determine how to make exposures with available and artificial light sources. You will also learn how to manipulate exposure control through film development techniques. This assignment is meant to free you from the limitations of relying on your camera to make a perfect negative. Using the printing techniques in the first assignment, you will learn to make beautiful photographs from out of focus, under/overexposed negatives. Have fun with this one! Subject
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Unformatted text preview: matter is open. Be creative! Modify your camera if you like. Try multiple exposures. You will see the differences and advantages of a larger negative. Toy cameras are fun! If you have other models, bring them in to class. Inspiration/Historical usage . Google: Toy camera, Holga, Diana, Seagull Garage sales/craigslist If you’re interested and savvy, you can pick up other medium format cameras anywhere from $5 to $100. I collect them all the time. Because each camera is unique, you may get lens aberrations that are interesting to you as an image maker. Some makes to look out for at your local flea market: Remember to make sure that the film size is 120/220 Ansco Mamiya Ricoh Rollei Yashica Argus Diana Minolta Agfa Holga Lubitel Ciro...
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p2dale assign 2 - matter is open. Be creative! Modify your...

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