P2review - lighter than 18 gray or underexpose to make a...

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Photo II  PGY2410C Review Don't forget to ask yourself what depth of field and motion settings  would be best to interpret your subject. Think about light variation and direction: direct, diffused, side-light,  backlight (silhouette or detail), natural or artificial. Remember that unless the viewer has the benefit of an explanation,  the work must stand by itself.  Achieve strong composition by using  basic design techniques: rule of thirds, directional lead space, framing  devices, camera angle, repetition of shapes, fragment of the whole. Explore the subject before you move on.  Look at it from various  angles, and consider the image edge to edge in the viewfinder. When metering pay extra attention to the most important area of the  scene.  Interpret the brightness and contrast of the original scene for  black and white film limitations.  Overexpose to make a subject tone 
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Unformatted text preview: lighter than 18% gray or underexpose to make a darker tone than 18% gray. Use your primary control to determine motion or depth of field and the secondary control to adjust exposure. Do some bracketing in tricky lighting. Be responsible for the condition of your work. Turn it in neatly and packaged in a way to preserve that. Put your name on it. Title it, if it will benefit from that information. Be ready to explain your work in critique, technically and personally. Be prepared to ask questions and respond to other work being critiqued. Most importantly, never stop trying to make your photos personal. Include something of yourself and your vision of the subject matter. Ask yourself how you feel about the subject and how you can interpret that feeling in a visual manner, literally and/or symbolically....
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P2review - lighter than 18 gray or underexpose to make a...

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