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Chapter 31 The Urinary System

Chapter 31 The Urinary System - Chapter 31 The Urinary...

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Chapter 31 The Urinary System Vocabulary Ammonia – toxic junk that gets converted to urea antidiuretic hormone – hormone produced by the hypothalamus and released into the bloodstream by the posterior pituitary when you’re dehydrated. Increases permeability of the distal tubule and the collecting duct so that more water can pass through into the bloodstream. bladder – holds urine Bowman’s capsule – cuplike structure in a nephron that blood is filtered into from the glomerulus collecting duct – in the medulla of the kidney collect fluid from nephrons and transport it into the pelvis. excretion filtrate – resulting fluid from filtration filtration - water, nutrients and waste and filtered from the glomerulus into the bowman’s capsule. glomerulus – dense knot of capillaries in a nephron hemodialysis – procedure that stimulates kidney function in individuals with damaged or ineffective kidneys homeostasis kidney – filters blood nephron – tubes in kidneys where urine production takes place renal artery – artery leading to the kidney
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