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R-in-CSElab - Open Notepad(It is found via Start> All...

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Working and printing in R at the CSE Computer Lab Getting R started: Sign in using your Gator Link Account Right Click on the start symbol in the lower left corner of the screen Right Click on All Programs Right Click on R 2.11.1 This brings up the R console window. To exit R, type: q() Printing the R console session: [Note: You pay $ to print at CSE] To print the R console session, minimize any other windows and use File ---> Print in the upper left portion of the window. Printing a pop-up graph: With the graph on the screen, use File ---> Print in the upper left portion of the window. Getting Exercise data sets into active R workspace: In general, we do the following: > [you-name-data] <- read.table(file="[internet-address-of-data]", header=TRUE) Example: > data1 <- read.table(file=" http://www.stat.ufl.edu/~rrandles/sta4210/Rclassnotes/data/classd ata.txt ", header=TRUE) > attach(data1) Storing a data set on your computer for use in R:
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Unformatted text preview: Open Notepad (It is found via Start ---> All Programs ---> Accessories ---> Notepad ) Type your data into Notepad with one observation vector in each row. The first row should contain the labels for the respective columns separated by a space. Save (File ---> Save As) this file onto the Desktop or you can store it into your Personal Folder under My Documents, for example, and then copy it (or drag and drop it) to the desktop. BE SURE WHEN IT IS STORED, THAT IT IS STORED AS A TEXT FILE. [stored-data-name].txt Now back on the R console, get the data into the active workspace with: > [new-data-file-name] < - read.table(“C:\\Users\\[your-Gator-Link-address]\\ Desktop\\[stored-data-name].txt”, header=TRUE) > attach([new-data-file-name]) [ ] is a user supplied name – DO NOT include the brackets [ ] Number of column names you supply must match the number of columns....
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