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midterm topics - Chapter 6 • The nature and size of...

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Management 103, Fall 2011 Tina Klein, Ph.D. Topics Covered in the Midterm The exam will consist of two essay questions and 15 multiple choice questions. Classroom discussions, exercises, videos, and guest speakers will form the foundation for the essay questions. Multiple choice questions will be based on the following textbook readings: Chapter 1: What is marketing? How does marketing discover and satisfy consumer needs? The marketing program Chapter 2: How do organizations set strategic directions? What is the strategic marketing process? Chapter 3: Explain how environmental scanning provides information about social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory forces. Explain how those forces affect marketing Chapter 4: Explain the nature and significance of marketing ethics Understand social responsibility in marketing Chapter 5: Consumer purchase decision process Psychological and sociocultural influences on consumer behavior
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: • The nature and size of organizational markets • Describe the key characteristics of organizational buying that distinguish it from consumer buying Chapter 7: • Marketing in a borderless economic world • Global environmental scan • Global market-entry strategies • Crafting a worldwide marketing program Chapter 8: • The function of marketing research • How is information about prospective customers linked to marketing strategy and decisions? Management 103, Fall 2011 Tina Klein, Ph.D. • The 5-Step marketing research approach Chapter 9: • The process of segmenting and targeting markets • Positioning products Chapter 10: • Why do new products succeed or fail? • The new-product process Chapter 11: • Managing existing products • The product life cycle • Branding Chapter 12: • The uniqueness of services • Managing existing services...
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midterm topics - Chapter 6 • The nature and size of...

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