10-28 L-03. Usage, Speaking Activities

Briefly ask your partner what hisher major is 1 ltko

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Unformatted text preview: omeone’s major There are three ways to ask and respond about someon e’s major. 1.Generally asking what he/she studies: A: 뭐 공부해요/공부하세요? What do you study? B: 공부해요. 2.Specifically asking what he/she majors in: A: 뭐 전공해요/전공하세요? What do you major in? B: 전공해요. 3.Using an equational expression: A: 전공이 뭐예요? B: 전공해요. Practice 2 What is your major? Briefly ask your partner what his/her major is. 1 LTKO 1A 3과 한국어 수업 Usage / Speaking Activities 박윤주 (10/28/2011) 3. Describing people Practice 3 Please describe each of the people like the example below based on the given information. (*집 hometown) 보기(example) 소피아 왕은 지금 2학년이에요. 중국 사람이에요. 소피아 왕은 경제학을 공부해요. 한국어 반 학생이에요. 그리고 집이 홍콩이에요. Name Year 소피아 왕 2 학년 스티브 윌슨 Nationality Major Status/Relationship Hometown 중국 사람 경제학 한국어 반 학생 홍콩(...
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