10-28 L-03. Usage, Speaking Activities

You should use at least 5 grammar points when

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Unformatted text preview: Hong Kong) 3 학년 미국 사람 음악 한국어 반 학생 보스톤(Boston) 마이클 정 1 학년 한국 사람 컴퓨터 한국어 반 학생 뉴욕(New York) 미치코 카노 4 학년 일본 사람 동양학 스티브 친구 도쿄(Tokyo) 제시카 김 1 학년 한국 사람 생물학 소피아 친구 시카고(Chicago) (Ethnicity) Practice 4 First interview your classmates using all the expressions covered today, and fill in the chart below, then report the information to the class as in the example given above. (*집이 어디예요? Where is your hometown?) Name Year Nationality (Ethnicity) Major 2 Status/Relationship Hometown LTKO 1A 3과 한국어 수업 Usage / Speaking Activities 박윤주 (10/28/2011) Speaking Activities – 2nd Skit Instruction Choose a situation from the following list (but not limited to them) and write a script in your own words, using grammar points from Lesson 1, 2, 3 & 4. You should use at least 5 Grammar points. When creating the script, every member should actively participat e. The...
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