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Unformatted text preview: LTKO 1A Voiceover Practice 2 박윤주 (11/02/2011) Voiceover (Shot at Fame!) ◐ Practice 2 ◑ 이름(name) : ______________ (Sorry, I love you – 2004) 11-year-old Chan-yi(찬이) is looking after his lovely younger sister So-yi(소이), by himself ever since their mother left them to find her own future. Despite their desperate situation of being abandoned by family and neighbors, these kids try their best to carry on life. One day, a little puppy joins this small family as Chan-yi steals it from an old couple’s kennel as a gift his sister’s birthday. Especially clever, this dog whose name is “Ma-eum-yi”, returns the love received from his new family with great loyalty and it seems as though their happiness would continue forever…only until a sudden accident brings them into collapse. Scene #1 – Chan-yi brings a dog Chan-yi brings a dog as a birthday present for So-yi: 소이: 찬이: 소이: 찬이: 소이: 어! 강아지다. Wow, it’s a puppy. 생일선물. It’s a birthday present for you. 정말?....(이야~!!) Really?....(wow~!!) 오빠! 우리 이 강아지 이름 “ 마음이” 로 하자. Brother, let’s call him “Ma-eum-yi.” 마음이? “Ma-eum-yi?”. 엄마한테 강아지 갖다 달라고 기도했거든. I prayed to my mother to bring me a puppy. 1 찬이 소이 LTKO 1A Voiceover Practice 2 찬이: 소이: 박윤주 (11/02/2011) 근데(그런데) 엄마가 내 마음을 알았나봐. 그러니까 마음이로 하자, 응? But I guess mom knew my mind. So, let’s call him Ma-eum-yi, please? 그치(그렇지), 마음아? Don’t you think, Ma-eum? 야, 그래도 강아지 이름이 마음이가 뭐냐? Hey, but still, who names a puppy as Ma-eum-yi? 뭐, 어때! 내 마음이다, 뭐! Well, what of it (what about it)! I can do whatever suits myself! [Scene #1: New Vocab] 강아지 puppy 생일 birthday 선물 present 정말? Really? 오빠 older brother ~하자 let’s~ 엄마 mother 갖다 달라고 to bring 기도하다 to pray ~거든 (subject) really did~ 알다(알았나봐) to know 마음 heart 그래도 but, still 그러니까 so Scene #2 – So-yi cries because of the melted ice cream. Chan-yi buys some ice cream with his bus fare So-yi, but So-yi gets grumpy about melted ice cream. 소이: 어! 오빠다! Oh! There comes my older brother! 오빠! 아이스크림 사왔어? Brother, did you buy ice cream? 이게 무슨 아이스크림이야! 다 녹아버렸잖아. What in the world is this ice cream! It’s all melted. 찬이: 야! 그래도 아이스크림이잖아. 먹어봐. Hey! It’s still an ice cream. Try it. 소이: 몰라, 오빠 미워! I don’t care. I hate you! 소이 아이스크림, 아이스크림! (I want) Ice cream, ice cream! 찬이: 야! 나도 버스 탈 돈으로 사온 거란 말이야! Hey, I bought it with my bus fare. 기껏 뛰어왔더니만. 먹어 그냥! I even ran as fast as I can. Just eat it! 소이: 싫어…아이스크림! I don’t want to…(I want) Ice cream! (the dog 마음이 tries to eat ice cream and the plastic bag gets on his hed.) 찬이: 마음아…..가자!! Ma-eum! ….Let’s go!! 2 찬이 LTKO 1A Voiceover Practice 2 박윤주 (11/02/2011) [Scene #2 - New Vocab] 아이스크림 ice cream 사 오다(사왔어) to buy and bring 이게 what a state this is 녹아버리다 to be melted away ~잖아 it is ~ 밉다(미워) to hate 버스 bus 타다(탈) to take (a ride), to get on 돈 money ~으로 ~with 싫다(싫어) to dislike, to hate 뛰어오다 to run ~(았/었)더니만 (subject) did as ~ and now(then) <Useful websites> Han Cinema (http://www.hancinema.net/index.php) Yes Asia (http://www.yesasia.com/us/en/home.html ) Korean Movies (http://www.koreanmovie.com/) Korean Films (http://www.koreanfilm.org/) Korean Drama Scripts (http://www.dramabeans.com/kdrama -scripts/) ** 수고하셨어요!! *** 3 ...
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