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Unformatted text preview: LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 10 월 27 일 제 3 과 한국어 수업 –Listening Comprehension 제 3 과 한국어 수업 (Korean Language Class) Practice 1. Listen to the conversation between Jenny and Michael and circle the correct statements. 1. (a) Jenny has Korean class today. (b) Jenny has Chinese class today. 2. (a) Michael has one class today. (b) Michael has two classes today. 3. (a) Michael takes Korean history. (b) Michael takes economics. 4. (a) There is a lot of homework in Korean class. (b) There is a lot of homework in Chinese class. 5. (a) Kim Minsoo is a Korean language teacher. (b) Kim Minsoo is a Korean history teacher. Practice 2. Listen to the conversation between Sophia and Steve and circle the correct answer to each question. 1. 소피아 씨는 어떻게 지내요? (a) 괜찮아요. (b) 재미있어요. (c) 잘 지내요. (d) 열심히 공부해요. 2. 스티브 씨는 오늘 뭐 해요? (a) 책을 읽어요. (b) 재미있어요. (c) 친구를 만나요. (d) 공부해요. 3. 소피아 씨는 내일 뭐 해요? (a) 도서관에 가요. (b) 남자 친구를 만나요. (c) 잘 지내요. (d) 책을 읽어요. Practice 3. Listen carefully to the narration about Michael’s activities for today. Try to write a short note of the narration in English as you listen. Then you are going to make at least 3 sentences in English that are either True or False. In pairs, read your statement and have him/her guess the answer. 1. 2. 1 LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 10 월 27 일 제 3 과 한국어 수업 –Listening Comprehension 3. 4. 5. Practice 4. Listen to the sentences and fill in the blanks. 오늘 수업이 많아요. __________ 수업이 있어요. 역사 _________ __ 있어요. 그리고 한국어 수업도 _____________. 한국어 선생님은 김민수 선생님 ________________. 김민수 선생님은 한국 사람이세요. 아주 ____________________. 한국어 수업이 _______________________. __________ ____________ 숙제가 있어요. _______ 도 숙제가 있어요. Practice 5. Listen to the dialogues between 미나 and 앤디, and fill in the blanks. 미나: 마이클 씨 전화번호 알아요? 앤디: 네, ___________. 미나: 전화번호가 몇번__________? 앤디: _________ ‐ ____________ 에요. 미나: ________ ‐ ____________, 맞아요? 앤디: 네, 맞아요. Practice 6. Listen to the two conversations, and answer the following questions. (1) Who is calling for whom? (2) Who answered the phone at the first time? (e.g. was it the person that the caller wants to talk to?) 2 LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 10 월 27 일 제 3 과 한국어 수업 –Listening Comprehension (3) Why did the caller call? (4) Please write the dates that they mentioned. Practice 7. Listen and fill in the blanks. 안내원 : 안내 __________ 입니다. 안녕하십니까? 영수: 서강 여행사 _________________ 가 몇번이에요? 안내원: _______________‐ _____________________ 번입니다. ________________‐ _____________입니다. Practice 8. Listen to the paragraph about Sandy and Susan’s activities for today. Mark the statements below either T or F. 1. _____ Sandy has Korean class today. 2. ____ There is no Korean‐language homework today. 3. _____ There are many students in the library. 4. _____ Susan and Sandy are studying now. 5. _____ The library in Kent Hall is pretty. 6. _____ Susan has Korean class today. 7. _____ The Korean‐language classroom is on the third floor of Kent Hall. 8. _____ Susan is going to meet a friend tomorrow. 3 ...
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