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11172011_L4_writing_activities - LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년...

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Unformatted text preview: LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 11 월 17 일 제 4 과 집– Writing Activities 제 4 과 집 (At Home) Practice 1. Work with your partner. Translate the following sentences into Korean. 1. What year are you in school? 2. How many students are there in the Korean class? 3. On which floor is the Korean classroom? 4. How many books do you have in your bag? 5. How many Korean teachers do you have at your school? 6. Whose bag is this? 7. It’s Lisa’s (bag). 8. My younger sister has three Korean friends. 9. Do you have a younger brother or sister? 10. My father learns Chinese language these days. Practice 2. Make 5 sentences using the words below. Make sure you use proper particles and –어요/아요 form of the verbs/adjectives. When you are done, exchange your sentences with your partner. Correct your partner’s sentences. 누나 언니 방 아파트 사이 경제학 역사 룸메이트 나쁘다 비싸다 예쁘다 작다 소피아 리사 마시다 커피 배우다 보다 있다 없다 수업 시험 계시다 하와이 부모님 뉴욕 한국 학생 시(hour) 분 (minute) ‐에 보스톤 1 LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 11 월 17 일 제 4 과 집– Writing Activities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Practice 3. In groups of 3‐4, tell your group about where you are from, whether you have siblings (if any, how many), and how many rooms you have at your home. Write down your group member’s information. Name Home Older siblings Younger siblings Apartment/home rooms 2 LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 11 월 17 일 제 4 과 집– Writing Activities Practice 4. Bingo Game. Using the below verb/adjectives, write –어요/아요 form of those words in the 4 * 4 table. Then let’s do bingo together! Dictionary form Meaning 배우다 To learn 있다 To exist; to have 없다 Not to exist; not to have 읽다 To read 넓다 To be spacious 좋다 To be good 괜찮다 To be okay/all right 많다 To be many 지내다 To spend 싸다 To be cheap 만나다 To meet 사다 To buy 자다 To sleep 가다 To go 오다 To come 보다 To see 마시다 To drink 가르치다 To teach 크다 To be big 예쁘다 To be pretty 고맙다 To be thankful 공부하다 To study 숙제하다 To do homework 3 LTKO 1A 임정현 2011 년 11 월 17 일 제 4 과 집– Writing Activities 4 ...
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