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Bi-weekly 2 Study guide

Bi-weekly 2 Study guide - LTKO 1A Bi-Weekly Exam 2...

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LTKO 1A 임난희 Bi-Weekly Exam 2 Worksheet 2011년 10월 21일 1 Readings (40pts) 1. You will be given a paragraph, (Textbook Lesson 2). You will be asked “True or False” questions. (1pt*5=5pts) 2. Three paragraphs will be given. According to each paragraph, you will be asked to draw pictures and mark the location of each item in English. (5pt*3=15pts) 3. Study readings from Extra Reading ’s. - Wedding invitation Card. (2pts*5=10pts) - Party checklists– Vocabulary (1*10=10pts) Grammar (30pts) 1. You will be asked to make 5 sentences (in Korean) by using Korean words provided about UCSC campus. Please review vocabularies(especially nouns, adjectives, verbs) in the textbook and don’t forget to conjugate the verbs when you make the sentences.(2pts * 5=10pts) For example: 괜찮다 Æ 괜찮아요 2. You will be asked to translate English sentences into Korean sentences. This is the
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