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4 과 집 (At home) Writing Activities KO1A LTKO1A 2011 11 17 임정현
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Practice 1. Work with your partner. Translate the following sentences into Korean. 1. What year are you in school? ‐‐‐ 몇 학년이에요 ? 2. How many students are there in the Korean class? ‐‐‐ 한국어 수업에 학생이 몇 명 있어요 ? 3. On which floor is the Korean classroom? ‐‐‐ 한국어 교실은 몇 층이에요 ?/ 한국어 교실은 몇 층에 있어요 ? 4. How many books do you have in your bag? ‐‐‐ 가방에 책 몇 권이 있어요 ? 5. How many Korean teachers do you have at your school? y y y ‐‐‐ 학교에 한국어 선생님이 몇 명 ( ) 계세요 ? 6. Whose bag is this? ‐‐‐ 예요 / 방이에요 이 가방 누구 거예요 ?/ 누구 가방이에요 ? 7. It’s Lisa’s (bag). ‐‐‐ 리사 거예요 . / 리사 가방이에요 . My younger sister has three Korean friends
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2011 for the course LTKO 1a taught by Professor Lee during the Fall '11 term at UCSD.

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lecture_writing_activities - 4(Athome WritingActivities...

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