LTWL 114 Lecture 1

LTWL 114 Lecture 1 - referring to another story, frequently...

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LTWL 114 Lecture 09/27/11 00:03 Background Tolkien and Louis met at Oxford in the 1920’s Intellectually at odds when they were students; Tolkien was a Catholic and it was hard to  be Catholic in England at the time because people were Irish and his family was of  German origin. Louis was raised in a secular culture and didn’t have faith but came back  to it and wrote about this WWII: Louis’s faith was questioned Wanted to bring old traditions/values back to literature Folklore, fairytales Andrew Lang author of fairytale, old children books Tolkien started discussion groups called Coldbiters Specialist in anglo-saxon and medieval English literatures Louis liked Tolkien’s verses Tolkien’s approach to fantasy: set in world of own creation; mythic traditions; biblical mtl Louis’s approach to what Tolkien had created: protestant tradition; allegory (story 
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Unformatted text preview: referring to another story, frequently religious or mythic one; supposed to interpret the symbols) John Bunyon – full of sin; allegory of spiritual testing; pilgrim eventually passes all tests, symbol of heaven approaches; popular in 17 th century/puritans Louis was an expert Christian apologetic (explanation) – defended his faith look out for allegories in the book this book was actually the first book he published Tolkien produced middle earth and was pain-staked, constantly changing his story to make it coherent, cautious with not going against his created life story Why is white witch related to an endless winter and no xmas? Witch represents old Nordic idea; cold never leaves 7 deadly sins: envy, greed, lust, gluttony, pride, sloth, wrath 00:03 00:03...
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LTWL 114 Lecture 1 - referring to another story, frequently...

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