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COHI 100 final study guide - COHI 100 Final Study Guide...

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COHI 100 Final Study Guide Sharon Wu Week 6: Concepts: MIDTERM; NO DISCUSSION Reading: ALAC ON fMRI BRAIN IMAGING, SOUND Thesis: not only are interactions with the hand and body essential to creating meaning, sound is also important because the acoustic experience fosters the learning process in a research setting; sound is critical for both subject/practitioners Sound used to categorize brain scans/acquire knowledge We make sense of our surroundings thru sounds Sound alone is not sufficient, but it does play a big role in the experience itself and gathering data when observed in relation to other multimodal engagements Practitioner: sound is important because it allows him to characterize brain scans while learning to hear sounds as a researcher/gaining cultural knowledge in lab o Silence also important because absence of sound makes silence meaningful o Manipulate sounds to interpret data Experimental subject: sound = impt because it tells him what is going on during the scanning session Professional knowledge acquired when we have hands-on experience rather than a classroom experience (passive) Against constant visibility because it isn’t just about what you can see, but also what you can hear (machines, interaction) Imitating sound of machine = embodying what machine is doing Multivoicedness – information of old timer comes from someone else; animates words for newcomer (tacit knowledge) Week 7: Concepts: CRITICISM OF HUMAN INFO PROCESSING; ACTIVITY THEORY ACTIVITY THEORY: LEV VYGOTSKY o “performance before competence” we first act with the world (surroundings), and when we perform these actions, we acquire this competence, internalize the performance, and become knowledgeable cognitive capacity to think thinking is first outside (social in world, through communication) and engaging with the world brings it into us internally engaging w/ world and figuring things out as you go
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COHI 100 final study guide - COHI 100 Final Study Guide...

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