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COHI100 Review session continued… Cyborgs/ “mind-body-scaffolding problem” The “mind-body problem” refers to the several-thousand year debates in Western philosophy about where the mind is located, whether the mind and body are separate, whether the mind is a material thing (like a brain) or a ‘metaphysical’ property (some sort of spirit that infuses us) etc, etc, etc… The mind-body-scaffolding problem is Andy Clark’s hyphenated phrase that insists we need to always consider the “scaffolding” around us, the stuff we think with (the world, more specifically the environment, tools, technologies…) when we are talking about the mind-body problem. This is part of Andy Clark’s insistence that humans are natural-born cyborgs because we use tools/technologies/the world to think with, from early Neanderthal tool use to the newest iphone. Composite Signs As Professor Alac discussed in class, we were right (yay!) about what is meant by ‘composite signs’: these are the complex signs that Alac discusses in her book, which contain multiple signs of different kinds. For example, fMRI images may primarily be iconic signs, but they can also have symbolic (labels, agreed-upon simples and language…) and indexical qualitites (the fMRI is arguably indexical too because it is connected to/produced based on the brain-it is no a photograph, but it could be argued that it shares a similar relationship to the brain, via imaging technologies, making it an indexical sign) Participation Goffman disrupts the conduit metaphor’s implication that “the listener is passive” by
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!COHI100-final-email - COHI100 Review session continued...

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