TDHT 21 Fall'11 syllabus

TDHT 21 Fall'11 syllabus - Fall 2011 TDHT 21 MW 11:00 11:50...

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Fall 2011 Prof. Emily Roxworthy TDHT 21 [email protected] MW 11:00–11:50 a.m. Center Hall Rm. 222 office hrs: W 1:30-3:30 F discussion sections (TAs listed below) Galbraith Hall 320 Ancient and Medieval Theatre TAs: A01 F 10:00–10:50 @ U413A-1 Melissa Minniefee office hrs: T 1-2 Galbraith Hall 130 [email protected] A02 F 11:00–11:50 @ HSS 1106A Lily Kelting office hrs: F 12-1 Galbraith Hall 131 [email protected] A03 F 12:00–12:50 @ HSS 1106A Julie Burelle office hrs: M 1-3 Galbraith Hall 130 [email protected] Grade Breakdown: Discussion section participation 20% Weekly quizzes in section 10% Battle of the Scenes (group work toward scene for lecture & final) 20% Short paper (3-4 pages) due 10/12 and 10/21 15% Midterm exam Monday 10/31 20% Final paper (6-7 pages) due Friday 12/9 at 8:00 a.m. 15% Policies: Attendance at all class meetings is mandatory ( including lecture ) except in cases of illness. If you are sick, stay home. Students are allowed one absence (“freebie”) for any reason. Thereafter, each unexcused absence will result in 2% deducted from the overall course grade. In other words, three unexcused absences means 90% becomes 84% (A- becomes B)! Late assignments: For each day a paper is late, 10% will be deducted from the paper grade. Papers are due by the end of class, after which they’re considered one day late (10% deducted). An unexcused absence for an exam (midterm or quiz) or scheduled performance will result in a zero with no make-up opportunities. Registration: The Department of Theatre & Dance does NOT routinely approve retroactive adds, nor does it allow students to “audit” departmental classes. See the UCSD Schedule of Classes for add/drop deadlines. The Department does not approve changes in grade options past the University deadline. Also be advised that withdrawing retroactively is very rarely approved. If you cannot complete the course, be sure to withdraw by ninth week.
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TDHT 21 syllabus page 2 Course materials: The following required textbook is available for purchase at the UCSD Bookstore in Price Center: The Norton Anthology of Drama Vol. 1: Antiquity through the Eighteenth Century (edited by Gainor, Garner, and Puchner) *Note: TDHT 22 and TDHT 23 will use Vol. 2 of this anthology, and purchasing
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TDHT 21 Fall'11 syllabus - Fall 2011 TDHT 21 MW 11:00 11:50...

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