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Unformatted text preview: 11/29/11 An Egg is a Chicken’s way to make another Chicken the supersized mind A Chicken is an Egg’s way to make another Egg The Selfish Gene Flip: An organism is DNA’s way to make more DNA DNA is an organism’s way to make another organism The Embodied Cogni.on move 1 11/29/11 The Embedded Cogni.on move The Extended Cogni.on move The Culturally Extended move A child is born into a cultural world… …and one year later is in cultural prac.ces… … and through that par.cipa.on is acquired by a cultural world… 2 11/29/11 … which nurtures and organizes its people… and lives in the ac.vity of its people. The Brain is culture’s way to make more culture? Culture is cogni.on’s way of making more cogni.on? NO! We have resolved to keep the system intact. A triple flip? •  Culture recruits resources in individuals •  The resources in individuals are shaped to complement (not imitate) cultural processes •  The brain is a “super ­flexible medium that can form func.onal subsystems that establish and maintain dynamic coordina.on among constraints imposed by the world of cultural ac.vity, by the body, and by the brain's own prior organiza.on." (Hutchins, ESSM) Cogni.on Cogni.on An Enculturated cogni.on Flip •  Cultural prac.ces are the human way of making more culture and cogni.on. 3 11/29/11 Hypothesis of Cultural Cogni.on •  Cultural prac.ces are the human way of organizing cogni.on. •  Cultural prac.ces are the human way of organizing. 4 ...
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