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6158C_Unit6 - UNIT 6 Final Project Tying together course...

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Page 1 Version 1.09 UNIT 6 Final Project: Tying together course topics. Your Name Date of Submission CHEMISTRY 6158C Department of Chemistry University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611
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Page 2 Version 1.09 From analog transducers to LabVIEW programming, we have covered a wide range of topics concerning instrumentation in this course. This unit brings all material together into a practical experiment, converting from the physical world to the digital world and back again to the physical. This is your opportunity to show what you have learned in this course, and to demonstrate to yourself (and the instructors) that you can apply what you’ve learned. Creativity will be factored into your grade; however, as outlined below, there are certain requirements that must be included in your project. 1. Use a minimum of three analog transducers available in the lab or any that you may bring into the lab. 2. Of the three, one should be used as an input and one should be an output; the third is up to you.
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