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More ways to study the brain. .. - event related potentials (ERP) - a variant of EEG - essentially random in response to stimulus--then average (smooth curves) exam #1 ch 1---20 q ch 2---21 q ch 3---24 q total = 35 q #2 pencils/erasers/student id # stressing that psych should study the purpose of conscious rather than structure. which school? a. structuralism ******* b. functionalism melissa is in a study asked to carefully observe and report her conscious reactions to several stimuli. study conducted by? a. humanist b. behaviorist
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Unformatted text preview: c. structuralist**** “internal states undoubtedly exist but it is not necessary to draw inferences about unob-servable states to understand behavior”--skinner greg hit his head and has trouble coordinating movements required for tucks, etc. greg damaged. .. a. cerebellum***** b. reticular formation c. amygdala d. temporal lobe neurotransmitter believed to be associated w/ schizophrenia is. ..PAGE 87****STUDY a. dopamine****** b. acetylcholine c. endorphin d. serotonin...
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