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sensaton_perception - are different if they are 2 really...

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SENSATION & PERCEPTION class notes -there’s more to perception then just sensation. -why do we perceive some things but not others? threshold -light tap by prof, cannot hear--in his threshold. louder, we can hear, in our threshold -sound experiment-> increase volume, hear about 50% of time (absolute threshold) -JND---holding weights in separate hands (minimal amount of difference between the two, can’t tell they are two different weights) - to tell the difference btwn 2 really heavy weights, need a larger difference to tell they
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Unformatted text preview: are different. if they are 2 really small weights need a small difference to tell. weber/fechner law-sensory adaptation: long road trip, drive faster and turn up radio as you go along. go back in your car--radio is blaring (same stimulus, perceived differently)-retina=transmitters -when you get up and your room is dark, and you need to pick out clothes (rods)-color change slide 1-wavelength. ...... slide 2-saturation. ...... slide 3-amplitude...
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