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CDA 3101 Organization of Computer Systems Fall 2011 Homework #1 (40 points total) Assigned: Monday 29 August 2011 Due: at the start of lecture on Friday 09 September 2011 This assignment has three parts. Please start each part on a new page . Print NEATLY and put your name and section number on each page . Show your work. Please scan or Xerox- copy your homework before turning it in, and staple all pages together with a metal staple. Part I. Terms and Logic 1. Short Answer (8 pts, 2 pt per item) Define the following (one sentence): 1.1. Datapath 1.2. Data 1.3. Five Components of a Computer 1.4. von Neumann bottleneck 2. More Short Answer (8 pts, 2 pt per problem) Define the following (one sentence or equation): 2.1. SPEC2006 2.2. MIPS 2.3. Geometric Mean 2.4. Arithmetic Mean 3. Digital Logic (9 pts, 3 pts per problem) 3.1. Diagram (draw a picture of) a circuit using only NAND and NOR gates (no minimization, please) that implements the following FUN operator, whose truth table is shown below: -- x -- fun | 0 1 D = 0 or 1 (don't care) -----+---------- | 0 | 1 D y | | 1 | D 0
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3.2. Using sum-of-products form , derive (2 pts) and diagram (1 pts) the
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CDA3101-F11-HW1-29Aug2011 - Organization of Computer...

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