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ENU 4612/5615 Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation HW #1 Due Date: September 12, 2011 1. Problem 1.9/pg. 26 Knoll 2. Problem 2.8/pg. 62 Knoll 3. Problem 2.10/pg.62 Knoll 4. The energy of a Compton photon scattered to an angle of 180° is 0.08 MeV. What is the energy of the incident photon? 5. A 7-μm thick gold foil is used to reduce the energy of a beam of 6 MeV alpha particles.
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Unformatted text preview: Using Figure 2.10 in Knoll, determine the energy loss of the alpha beam in the gold foil. Hint: for thin targets the stopping power can be considered to be relatively constant. 6. A neutron elastically scatters off of a proton. Show that the angle (in the laboratory frame) between a recoil proton and the corresponding scattered neutron is always 90°....
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