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ENU 4612/5615 Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation HW #2 Due Date: September 26, 2011 1. Problem 3.12/pg. 103 Knoll 2. Problem 3.16/pg. 103 Knoll 3. A particular counting system has a stable average background rate (measured over a very, very long time) of 30 CPM. A radioisotope source was introduced and a 10-min count showed a total of 1450 counts. After waiting 24-hr, the 10-min count was repeated, this
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Unformatted text preview: time giving a total of 880 counts. What is the half-life of the source and its associated standard deviation due to counting statistics? 4. Problem 4.11/pg. 129 Knoll 5. Problem 4.15/pg. 129 Knoll 6. An input voltage of the form, ) 1 ( ) ( / k t e V t V − − = , where V and k are constants, is supplied to a simple RC integrator circuit. Derive the form of the output voltage....
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