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ENU 4612/5615 Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation HW #3 Due Date: October 24, 2011 1. Problem 5.4/pg. 157 Knoll 2. A cylindrical proportional tube has an anode wire radius of 0.004 cm and a cathode radius of 2.0 cm. It is operated with an applied voltage of 2500 V. If a minimum electric
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Unformatted text preview: field of 1 MV/m is required to initiate gas multiplication, what fraction of the internal volume of the detector corresponds to the multiplication region? 3. Problem 6.3/pg. 202 Knoll 4. Problem 8.2/pg. 270 Knoll 5. Problem 9.8/pg. 318 Knoll 6. Problem 10.3/pg. 362 Knoll...
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