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Mike Wikstrom Rob Kozlowski James Hillier Marcus Mares Anneline Waldman PUNJAB FOODS CENTRE LTD V. BAILIE Facts: The claimant, Punjab Foods Centre Ltd, is a supplier of food products to assorted restaurants and organizations The corporate defendant, Tandoori Taj Restaurant, was formerly operated by Ranjit Walia who was a friend of the claimant’s principal and advised the claimant about the sale of the restaurant and transfer of ownership. Upon sale of the restaurant, Walia advised Harinder Toor, of Punjab Foods Centre, that Bill Bailie was purchasing Tandoori Taj Restaurant and would responsible for paying the bills after August 14 th 1997. Afterwards, Punjab Foods Centre continued to take orders from Tandoori Taj Restaurant as normal and continued to make deliveries. In September 1997, Mr. Toor visited the restaurant and obtained a personal cheque from Bill Bailie in payment of the then outstanding account. This payment was the only one received on the account. Mr. Toor states that Mr. Bailie mentioned made any representations about acting in a representative capacity and the invoices were address to “Bill Tandoori Taj” or to “Tandoori Taj.” Tandoori Taj Restaurant ended operations in February 1998 Issues: Is Bill Bailie and his incorporated company, Tandoori Taj Restaurant Ltd, legally
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Presentation handout - Mike Wikstrom Marcus Mares Rob...

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