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Exam II review Supplemental Instruction Iowa State University Leader: German Parada Course: Chem 331 Instructor: Dr. Kingston Date: 10/02/2011 Goals: - Review methods to determine stereochemistry configurations. - Study stereochemistry concepts, reactions and energy terminology. CIP rules for assigning priorities: Identify ____ carbons, carbons with ______ different _________. Compare the four atoms directly bonded to the chiral carbon based on their _________ _________. The “heaviest” atom gets the _________ priority. If there is a _____, list the atoms bonded to the atoms in the _____, and compare in order based on __________. Keep going to the _____ _______ until there is a difference. Assigning S or R configuration to a chiral center Kingston Method Cl H 3 CH 2 C COOCH 3 Thumb method Cl H 3 CH 2 C COOCH 3 Raptor Method Cl H 3 CH 2 C COOCH 3 How to identify/draw: Not Isomers: Constitutional Isomers: Enantiomers: - - - Diastereomers: - - - -
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Meso Compounds: - - - Energy and Reactions
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CHEM_331__2__Kingston_gparada_Exam_II_review - Leader:...

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