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Reflection A-4 - which provides us shelter to a structure...

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1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English 150FK 18 October 2011 Reflection on “Beardshear Hall: Building or Artifact? ” Analyzing an artifact at ISU was a hard assignment because there are so many artifacts on campus to choose from. I could have either chosen a small artifacts like one from a museum or could have talked about something big like the campanile or a building. I chose the latter as there were a lot of views I could have and could visit it anytime. I ended up spending a lot of time at Beardshear Hall so that I could write in detail for this assignment. I chose to write for a wider audience this time because even though this was intended for my English professor, It would be clear if I could provide some background information. I wrote in simple English and I tried to make it obvious that the writer was a student at the university but I wasn’t worried that if the audience didn’t grasp it. I think I fulfilled the purpose of this essay. I turned an object from a structure,
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Unformatted text preview: which provides us shelter to a structure with emotion. I tried to explain to the audience the significance of Beardshear hall and how it is different from the other buildings. I shared the past of that hall to make a connection with the readers. I think I summed up my whole essay with my thesis statement and I even read it backwards to make sure I didn’t drift from the topic. The only thing people might have an issue is with is the history. I chose purposely to add the history because a lot of 2 connections with Iowa State begin from there. The reason why I am taking the English 150 course is to learn the art of writing and expressing myself on paper, Being an art critic and analyzing an artifact is what professionals get paid to do. I was happy to get the experience to write a analysis and think from different perspectives to get a good analysis....
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