Assignment 4 - 1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English...

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1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English 150FK 19 September 2011 Beardshear Hall: Building or Artifact? What makes a building an artifact, a house a home? Is it the people that lived there? The memories they had or does it have something to do with the builder and the reason of his building. Who hasn’t, at some point or another, felt a certain bond with a place they have lived or spent a lot of time in it? A lot of people would say that they did. Certain events occur over time, which makes a building from an object that provides us with shelter to a structure with emotion. At Iowa State University, Beardshear Hall (Fig.1) provides its students with not only a place to study and work but to have memories and reflect on the past.
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2 Beardshear Hall is one of the oldest yet inspiring buildings located on the central campus of Iowa State. As of now Beardshear serves as the single place for the registrar’s office, accounts receivable, financial aid, and university card office and career services, which is placed strategically on its 4 floors. The main reason for doing so was to attract most of the student services in one location. Today, Beardshear Hall is a vital part of Iowa State as it
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Assignment 4 - 1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English...

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