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Discussion Questions2 - (Pg 380 an unknown band says...

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Discussion Questions 1. Pg(379) but I wondered about the other thousands ,and millions of fans like me……How does Stacy Yi set up from a personal anecdote to introduce the core question of the essay? 2. Pg(383) Consider the ending of the essay. What is the final point Yi is making? Does it seem to flow with the discussion she makes in her essay. 3. Now that you know the strengths of a critical essay in MLA Paper, What grade would you give this paper ? Explain in detail 4. Radiohead is an established band, Sonic Youth
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Unformatted text preview: (Pg 380) an unknown band says “they are not in that position either”. Briefly discuss the limits of the tip-jar model .Does Yi cover all the limits in her essay? 5. Notice that Stacy does not start talking about the tip jar model rigidly. Rather, she uses an anecdote and a personal experience to bring it up. How effective did you find the transition? Do you think you can apply the same sort of transitions and experiences to an APA format?...
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