Assignment3 - 1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English...

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1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English 150FK 19 September 2011 An Interview with Dr. Jennifer O’Donnell, Associate Professor at Iowa State University How do students become successful engineers? Every student that has ever wanted to pursue an engineering major has spent a lot of time pondering this very question. It’s their lifetime goal to figure out what aspect they need in their life to become somebody who has great problem-solving skills. Perhaps as we visit the profile of an accomplished chemical engineer, we might just find out. Dr. Jennifer O’Donnell 1 (Figure 1.Pictured left) fits our profile for such an engineer. She shares her experiences as a student, a teacher and a successful engineer 1 O’Donnell, Jennifer. Personal Interview . 19 Sept 2011.
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2 Doctor Jennifer M. O’Donnell, Known better as Jen O’Donnell is an associate professor at Iowa State University that deals with teaching University level Classes and insightful research work on a day-to-day Basis. But 20 years before today, O’Donnell was just another high school student who didn’t really know what she wanted but had a vague idea. After confessing to her advisor about her love for math and chemistry, He pointed her in the field of chemical engineering ;of which she knew very little of. O’Donnell took a calculated risk and decided to search for schools with Chemical
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Assignment3 - 1 Vernon Mascarenhas Ms. Dzakovic English...

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