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1 English 150, Assignment Two: Learning about People at Iowa State University: Profile of Your Favorite ISU Professor Length: 650-700 words Due 27 September: Paper Copy of Assignment Two and Reflection Refer to Chapter 7 Profiles , and “Interviews” (463-7) in The Call to Write. This project offers you an opportunity to learn more about one of your favorite Iowa State University professors, either in your major or another field of study. Conducting an interview and writing a profile will allow you to learn about your professor’s educational background, work experience, job description, different types of communication he/she uses in his/her work, job, field, research, teaching etc., his/her most memorable career moments, and the recommendations the professor has for undergraduate students like yourself, who are interested in pursuing a career in that field. Even if you are not sure about your major yet, learning about the subjects you are interested in will help you decide in the long run. An inquiring attitude and the ability to synthesize relevant information efficiently are both important for this project because your primary source will be the information you gathered in a short interview that you have conducted in a professional and timely manner. *Please Note: Your rough draft/outline will be due at the time of your scheduled conference during week 5 in my office. Please bring a paper copy of your draft/outline to the conference and specific questions. Missing the scheduled conference counts as an absence. Planning and Drafting This assignment has several steps you will follow closely. A recorder (or a podcast feature) would certainly be useful, and it is highly recommended. Otherwise, you will have to write a lot of fast notes that are sometimes not easy to read after the interview. 1. First, you will send a brief, pleasant, and respectful email to your professor, asking for a 20-minute interview. Use the email template given for the in-class writing exercise, begin with some kind words, and say that the interview is for your English 150 class assignment. If you have taken a course from that professor, mention how much you enjoyed it. 2. After your professor agrees to be interviewed, you will send him/her a
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150_A2_Professor_Profile (1) - English 150, Assignment Two:...

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