Reflection A-2 - relative and to do so I used simple...

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1 Reflection on “A Head Start” A lot of emotion streamed out of me while writing this paper and the reason was because it’s a topic that my fellow classmates and I can relate to, a topic we that we’ve lived. I chose to write to a younger relative and to fill him in on my experience of college and by doing so, give him a little head start to his college adventure. Many factors affected this paper and my style of writing. Obviously as the author, my experiences were crucial to the letter and defined the assignment. I wanted to make sure that the audience knew the purpose of my letter and therefore understood what perspective I’m speaking from. The audience is supposed to be my younger relative and the professor grading this assignment, so I tried to make sure I didn’t get into too many personal stories that would not make sense to the audience unfamiliar with my family. I did mention a few examples though just to make it seem that I know my cousin and not talking to a random stranger. The genre I wanted the audience to feel was “a letter to a
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Unformatted text preview: relative and to do so I used simple English to make it clear that I wasnt going for anything too fancy. I hope the audience understood the purpose of the letter because a lot of time has been spent writing the essay to fulfill that purpose .To go deep into it, I made sure to list all I wanted to say to him in my body and summarize in my conclusion so as to emphasize my thesis statement and make it clear as to what Im talking about. I think what I did well was making the letter relatable and made it seem like a real letter. I think one of my biggest problems is that Im not sure if the audience understands my content or 2 not. As a precautionary measure, I had to ask different people their opinion on my paper and fix changes I think should have been done. One of the reasons I am in English 150 is to learn the art of writing and expressing myself on paper, so I hope to accomplish that as my goal....
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Reflection A-2 - relative and to do so I used simple...

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