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Caitlin Swanberg Ms. Schumann English 250 February 17, 2011 The Life of Poverty The four “hobo” corners of the Maplewood Mall in Minnesota are marked by a homeless person staking their spot with a cardboard sign. I drive by these corners often solely thinking of my destination, not thinking what these people may go through on a day to day basis. Jo Goodwin Parker describes this daily life of poverty from a single mom’s point of view in “What is Poverty”. Her point is that throughout all the pain of poverty, there is no hope of getting out. She opens off her speech by asking us to “listen without pity”(Parker1), however, by the end you have nothing but pity, sadness and empathy for what her and her children go through. She describes her life in poverty nonchalantly because of the health consequences, poor bringing up for her children and her failed asks for help are nothing new to her. The health effects of poverty for Parker and her three children are brought up numerously throughout the speech. “They told me at the hospital when the last baby came that I had chronic anemia caused from poor diet, a bad case of worms, and that I needed a corrective operation” (Parker 1). This quote shows how her life in poverty has affected her health because she doesn’t have the money to buy healthy food or medicine. “Once I saved for two months to buy a jar of Vaseline for my hands and the baby's diaper rash” (Parker 2). This shows how so much effort can
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poverty - Caitlin Swanberg Ms. Schumann English 250...

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