Lecture2 - 80 “MAT IS THE. SOHnSlZ or: IZES’lSTH/Hh‘...

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Unformatted text preview: 80 “MAT IS THE. SOHnSlZ or: IZES’lSTH/Hh‘ IN METALS : - LA‘mCE SCATFSLerq c IMPuerf SCATrmwa AND wHAT IS "THE REASON “my THE. (Birnvn'lj IMCZPASES SIC‘MIFICANTLV m SEMICONWCTOIZS éwsuLAToas? :DIELECfiZlC 5: ~“(AQIQETICaTawremwj a: ,WTZHALS 3: FM. Wu Max/z, qummw acrrLA BiT .ABchr 1. Smucrunz. ,BONDI’NC' Def—acm- 0F M4721” L3 2. Kwancs 5‘ PHASE. 'mANs-FonMA‘noN 444 5) FREE ELEcmoms 3 WZQMOHNAMKS Jumofl. ‘ Locauzxrnom OF ELecrzoNS ‘35 DLSCJZDEIZ 4V macmmw OF MATH-MU; 32,42. SiNCC ELECTRON BEHAWQR Is WHAT IS N THE Croné 0F mAqws‘nc AND PiELEfi‘TWC PRO Pé'rfl'és OF ,m-razvmu 'I AM FmST (1’0;ch To Do A GmCK 2mm; OF ELECmora BEHAVaOIL .N METALS g SEMKONWCTORS (ncwaw OF 111) F02 3 LSCWIZES mm MAawenc—a DELECTZIC. ' 5 E chmom «a Pnoparmzs w moan. To uNpéLfLSTAND MAqszac 4ND Dina-mm, Mommas 0F MAW/“AU , W8 ME (iomg To Tag Leek. Anemia ‘mgomm is PA > Haw-024014..»- we CONCEPT HAVE; TO HAVE. A Goon away/1N.)le 0F £LtLTKLON 0F “we “Mai; 02cm (“Fimzamfigu “NCAA/‘6 FMS“ Razz-mucorL..... amuse. ES‘SNTlALlj 00E AaE INTEJLESFELD N EHAworL «mull m APmcrmom 1F . sumac.’ 1 “8m 8 ._ " f’ so LET’S GET BACK TO ELECTRICAL PEOP‘EIZUES OF MEALS . _ MAqntnc fIELDS As wau. As LquT', A I /0 f/NJHTICE T fllnPuama NE WANT TO ucvomyrmo THE RESPOMSZ 0F AMATzzruAL , . _ , - - _ . . ., ,0 pL :1 ‘3, umpsrL me. APPLICATlCN 0r ELtc Truc FIZL-Dl.M/1@NHICSH£LD OFT“ INDEPENDENT OPEN INDEPENDENT OR LIG'HT AS A FuNCTtON OF.’ A‘ 8 I043: 3‘1. ’03 0F IMPurun1 conic. 0F TEMPEIZATMRE ._ rgjmpgaA-ruag (lmfi —3000K) <55“) ("/"m , . WHEN SMALL 2. magma. ' ""°_ WP , P ‘ (‘0 ‘0 a) $ . _ m2 2L2CTQIC’AL RESISTIUKT' 0F MOST METALS iS DOMINATED ATOMIC Euzcmosm‘nc ‘ Haws A“; mmwm SC, AT Room 'TEMPEaA-rurza 8:1 mince Mcucws AND DGMINATED 5L1 Ammo HELD: Ara; COLLISioNS mm {MPWUR‘ ATOMS AT Low FEMDEILmuaE _'TH£$$_ Jus'i' SMALL PEWREA’ROMS RATE; OF COLL—[SIGNS ARE INDEPENDENT OF ONE ANCTMEK FOP. THE MOST PART...” me lac—$451“.qu RATIO =.P__. “9°25 AQOODMEASLME (7F I‘HPukt‘M LEVELS OF THE METAL. p“"‘M’o GET A sense or Nun/meals IN M82111, 3w MAIN LEARNED .ABouT me nasPousa 0F naTZmALS nausea THE APPucMTow OF AN ELECTRIC FIELD FOR Two TYPES 03" MATEIUALS 1 METALS AND ngcc'oumcmes ) I? —3 .V . . .‘ ' ‘\ 3m 1-ng Au. AcmALu1 T‘HrzEE CATeacmzs 0F ascmomc “UPPER W'TH A mes NWT-:1 K/mo OF 1000 HAS pm" "’ m/u ”' MATsmALs....TH2 'mmo 0N2 Bauer {NSMUATORS a.) Dlzqm’mc m,» AND HA5 20F?” "Mpum ‘95 r \ . i . 30‘va com} we MODEL THE comma»va 0K EESI VITO? OFA mSu a‘r‘cr .-¢, "-2 ,O'mml N W «('0 Slim MEI-AL '7 L’—__————' Semmomlchm’L ' ‘ ,“I , 6 ' PM“ ~" ‘0'” “Ml-cm @CLASSICAL FREE ELECT£0NTHECRLI WQTfi ‘ , ‘ _ e" N: ~ , ‘ _ .) / 6 . Lu, 1030mm ’0 . / l0 man (are: N i 0 “Q ‘ Cm @ QuANTdM L ' P / at T Ma ml 1 . 1- flmP 1 —+ ”. SScCAL FREE ELECTRON THEOILfl 0F METALS Dam: S cm fl ‘ : 545‘“ LU“ CLASSo‘cn L TH 2‘;ch OuEaesTIM/ers ASSUWHONS i ELt‘aerL c -- -. \ ~~ Niel‘r (poms orL mote VALfiwce Ewarsz P512 main Awe comptETELq ' ° ‘ “WWW”? 0" ‘ -—-—-—-—m DELDCAUZED ‘ SEC'AHSE we ASS‘u/VE N 1* S) UALiNLE EL'écl‘rfl-ONS/Cc; @Nc tmrezamoms gamma ELEcmoMS (No e‘e‘ mremcnows) ‘ AND m E FREE ELECTRON MASS comm ArL‘E NCT é) Ave—{meg «went. ENERL’H -+-m.,-‘=cy: AN ELECTRON iS inf a v ‘ Guam «urn, ‘ Pea Daser m: FREEDOM . m mam wows , KE = gm T. .CM @KANDOMuI DmECTED FAST MOVING FREE ELECTRDNS nu 'ma ,3. HEAT “PM...” av: (EFF (FROM 771mm) METAL CAN COLuDE wiTH ONE ANGI'HEJL , SULFACE$ OF THE — fl .' A, .“-~'“" ..— v‘ 3. ‘- METAL AND wrrH THE POSITIVE eons THEY LtAVE Baum: CLAWCALL—t/ ) ‘M 4”“ é— mm‘ ALL or 771a wuucEe: Um: (any: CoNTUBuTz. Tc; Tm: Herr CAPACIT7, So Fol; ,4 m an. M) NET VELOUTI I METAL. Campos ED 0F FIZEE ELECTrzoNS) IN AN APPLIED ELECT cc FcELDfiHE ELECTRCNS FEELA FORCE fiek‘é 3 (7 = KE e": A; £57 mum CAN BE wrung». .43; 'm 531.: —{e'\§v THE ELECTM’NS luau. i “‘1' 17' "- ALSO INTEQACT cum urmce ATQMS‘ WHICH Essewnnwg C—ch—s [use CV '—‘- 53- k: To A nexusmNce SQ ADD A FilCTuoN FEM/L. e V Ch: . I V ._ § 5‘17 THIS EXPAESSMN para 7H8 ELECMOML HEAT CAP/mm? 'm E + X3; '—‘ ’lel E IS Too mania! iN THE STEAD»( STATE , gig-=0 on ‘5: CONWAwrzlrtf _ V a fi ‘ . ‘ ' {gig 5495/5975 77M? N 444786 Too 8/ if.) m 10”.an = 4e“? =5 er = ' ‘13.; «79 Pace BACK mm EM 3 c] M g3}: ~T .21., __ Hg 12:24: 5‘ ‘ :N0 W Anonwzv Haw wME ELECT/ION mm Move So FREE-L7 - c W: Lu lONS ; fr/Lcucfl am 374“- 3 ma INIEGMTWG: mam/e W 5 i 7 _ . «~_ Mat . . ' 17— 3+1!- 221% mflfl': vflw “Mi-n mums t: ’DAL leit’. ANDEW. Th2 APPLICATION OF FDECE ON THE ELECTflC‘N, we GET 4 DKCFT veusay AND THEREFORE ANz‘r cumsm 061433111 3 J - - Nleigf »2 Us; when; N: #5] ELEcmom/CM’ 2) o- = file—l": and OHM’S LAW 21:01.1 m E 301T atflmeu THIS CLASSHCALTHEOEbI Gums us arm‘s LAw we THE exPaemons FM 6, DnuDE’s CLASSa'CflL mecwzy flle4LCUMTES ammo:qu Leeuwmwn.‘ 'z'HzAT anew!” -——» @UANTdM MecHAmm‘. nuance WELL. “2 you KEMEMBEQ Frwm PH‘o13tCS WC Gfé EGUWALENT CLASS,ELIECT&ON3 HAVE PARTICLE AND WAVE PEOP’Ea—UES 1 THAT ts WHY ‘ELECTrLDNS CAN ?2£>P.AqATE 1:11am“ mamqu -A P‘t‘momc LA‘mCE . 'THEy {me SC/m'E’flED Wqu“ 37 0TH“!- ELECmONS Due Tb "me PAMLJ excuse»: Pzwcwus. 3 LET’S 54y mm THE ATOMS w ms. METAL. EACH comma—r2 Z one. uscmom “ID A FaEE aEcTrwN o’As, THEN smm’wér emu ‘ FIE PAUL]. EXCUAS'iON Pawaag AND Flu—N6 w ENERGY LEVELS ACCORDiNC'r To “ma Fawn—mud DISYZLIBu‘noN (E) = -——-———————1 W) I M é et‘E— Spa/ks; 1 Too ' .. « E E WH'CH DCSCQJBES WE OCCUPATIONAL. PlsTa‘eaL-"nag AS A FuNCUoN 10F TEMPERATURE. ‘IT ruzNS our THAT ELECTRONS Wm. gum iCLoSE To THE FEM/H LEVEL Ea. ME THE was THAT cmmeurem 3_ELECTQONIC_ coMDucnoN, nus Is m (mm/m '17: ems-s:an macaw {WHICH ASSUMES THAT Au. UaLEN’CE ELEcTucNS coNrrumre To Hear:on (maume . ELECTRONS pom-n ENE—(LCHES .AaouND En. HAVE Véwcmf VF;.....QMD$INCE FOG. FREE ELEC'TrLcNS .THEJrL anemia: Ame £1340“ mezeu.‘ kmenc AND EFL: ‘fm'ugl' 09(5) __-_ mask-0:}: wwsz Dewar rem-cmd.’ 0‘5 J's-«N ‘wlel whims. fl"= 013% I 6.5: ANOTHER WAy 0F Loomrv‘fi AT TH£ DIS‘ruBunoN OF Edwin?! STATES is 3y cowsmzawe WAVEVE’CTORS 0F T142 8.me «(Ava :h, .w'mcu :5 RELATED To me mm“ 0? me ELEcch VIA: E = mg; 201 NOW IN 01A, E and k are QUANTTZZD AND ch nu. ELECTRON; (AN 1 HAVE TH: SAME gamma) (lama AC(O€ZDIN'C]TO THE Pauu' acmslo‘g mpg, i we CAN vesceme: THZ swamps: or me ammoms AS @uAmztD,.. 38m wnua DOES THIS coma ROM? ’ I m f LtT S 5T5? BALK AND remap WHAT EGLM‘HCN mm @18qu wwzs 035:1 ...
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Lecture2 - 80 “MAT IS THE. SOHnSlZ or: IZES’lSTH/Hh‘...

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